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Agile framework

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Hello Everybody,

I was just thinking about masonic allegories and was trying to apply them to the modern life style.
I got stuck on a very popular nowadays methodology which name is Agile.
How would you explain how to use different masonic tools in Agile framework?

Should we start a discussion with common gavel?

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Let me start guys.

The modern management theory says it's possible to build even a building using Agile.

Agile could be pretty close to freemasonry framework as master should obtain more knowledge and understanding  over the time.

Moreover, it perfectly acceptable if new knowledge of the same subject is different to previous one.

What is not clear for me is how to build a proper foundation for the building using Agile and what tool could be appropriate?

Should we use a module approach to be able to change a size and shape of foundation depending on our current knowledge?

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если рассмотреть стройку как один из вариантов проекта, то и Agile-ем  вполне можно решить. а уж аллегорий по инструментам вы, при желании, найдете в опубликованных работах или изобретете неимоверное множество.


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